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Duggar Molestation Scandal: Molesters Hiding in Plain Sight

So, a simple question: Let’s say a star of one of your favorite television shows has just been outed as a child molester. What do you do? Well, for normal people, they might view said star with disgust and boycott the show… Continue reading

Top 10 Questions for Transgender Men and Women

If you are trans and would like to have your answers added to this page just contact me through the Gay Pride Facebook page with your answers and I will post them. Or if you’d rather you can put your answers in the comment section below. Continue reading

A True Story About A Boy Who Loves Roller Derby

If you haven’t heard of My Razzle Dazzle yet you are missing the boat! Continue reading

LGBT: A Community Divided

How well does the LGBT community really get along? Continue reading

Is Rand Paul Running For 2016 President

Since riding the tea party wave into the Senate in 2010, Paul has carefully built a brand of mainstream libertarianism — dogged advocacy of civil liberties combined with an anti-interventionist foreign policy and general support for family values… Continue reading

What Does Pansexuality Actually Mean?

So, you’ve probably heard the term pansexual but do you know what it really means? Continue reading

Rand Paul Said He Doesn’t Believe In The Concept Of Gay Rights

“I don’t really believe in rights based on your behavior,” said the potential GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul. Continue reading

Whatever Happened to Rupert Everett and Why the Hell is He So Mean?

Why Oh Why is Rupert Everett So Darn Mean? Continue reading

Famous Transgender Celebs, and the Need for More Representation

The LGBT community represented in film and television is made up primarily of gay men and lesbian women, with a bisexual individual sprinkled in sporadically for flavor. But what about transgendered individuals? Continue reading