Hot Lesbian Piercing: How Sexy is THAT??

lesbian piercing
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Some of the hottest trends in body jewelry today are making waves in the arena of lesbian piercing. Believe it or not the body piercing industry has moved beyond being the symbol of a dissociated counter culture, and is being picked up across wide swaths of society; one of which happens to be the LGBT community. Lesbian piercings can incorporate pretty much any traditional or erotic piercing that you would be likely to find on any woman; including things like eyebrow rings, tongue studs, lip rings, and labret studs, to the more exotic labia and clitoris piercings.

The main difference here is that lesbian piercing accessories tend to, in some ways at least, incorporate symbols of the LGBT lifestyle. Be it rainbow colorations, or pro feminist symbols and phrases; lesbian piercing jewelery and accessories are there to make a statement of pride and personal identity.

The rainbow has long been a symbol of the LGBT cause, so it is no surprise that we now find it on so many pieces of jewelery used in lesbian piercing. There are many forms of the rainbow used in this jewelry, sometimes it is as simple as an enameled flag, other times lesbian piercing jewelery can be more intricate and show any number of different shapes covered in either a striped rainbow, or even a graduated one.

A popular symbol used in lesbian piercings is the interlinked female icon, a circle with a plus sign rising from it. While it is possible for people who are not gay to wear rainbow jewelry as a sign of support for their friends, it is highly unlikely that they will every wear the interlinked female symbols.

There are many different places on the Internet to find lesbian piercing jewelry, and a simple search will take you to the right places. A much more difficult task however is finding a site that has unique lesbian piercing jewelery. A lot of the stuff out there looks the same, so when you find a site that offers not only quality, but also unique items, bookmark it and be sure to visit often. There is not a huge market out there, so your patronage to a quality site that sells lesbian piercing jewelry will make a difference. Sporting some lesbian piercing jewelery is a great way to not only show your pride, but to also show support to your friends and family who might be lesbian.

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