Erase Hate: Matthew Shepard Foundation Jewelry

matthew shepard foundation necklace

There are some brand new pieces of gay jewelry from the Erase Hate line at Love and Pride. These are stunning pieces that not only add to the way you look, but the way you impact the world and society as a whole. One hundred percent of the profits raised through the sale of this pride jewelry line goes to the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

matthew shepard foundation jewelryThis particular hammered silver Erase Hate pendant really slams home the simple three word message we should all be living by: Understanding. Compassion. Acceptance.

Each circle in this necklace is inscribed with one of these powerful words. I love the bale too, it is long enough that each of the rings can move freely which gives this great movement. Just a subtle way of marking this as a true freedom necklace that I think is fabulous. The pendant hangs on a 17″ black rubber cord and measures 1 5/8″ in diameter.

The charity is amazing and it helps kids to feel safe to be themselves so that they can grow up to be happy and successful members of society. This is important not just to their future but to the future of us all. There is no better way to show support than to buy this gay pride silver necklace knowing that your money goes straight to the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

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  2. This foundation is amazing, they help so many kids who are struggling coming to terms with their sexuality.

  3. Interesting read, your blog is awsome, bookmarked, regards

  4. I’d love to see a follow up on this.

  5. Wow! Wat a Superb pieces of jewelry.. Really very stunning and gorgeous. I have even bookmarked this page and thanks for sharing such a wonderful informative post.

  6. Love that piece of jewelry, I feel it’s important to feel comfortable, and expressing your innerself through a piece of jewelry a wonderful idea.

  7. Good to know that this luxurious jewelries’ proceeds are to be donated to charity (portion of it). There would be a lot of people who will support this products for sure. I want to make this products a part of my jewelry collection.

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