Flawlessly Calibrated Bvlgari Onyx Ring

onyx bvlgari ring
Bvlgari 18 Ct White Gold Onyx Ring

Tronchetto’s name and design bless this Bvlgari onyx ring due to the shape and the cabochon cut of the onyx itself. The clean lines of this ring make it one of the sexiest and rich looking rings out there.

Bvlgari is a prestige brand, to wear it is to be of a high class some might say. It may sound snotty but there are a lot of people out there that take note of those who wear pieces like this Bvlgari onyx ring.

What with the 18 kt white gold and the deep and perfect black onyx you have a strong ring that makes a strong impact.

And if you didn’t notice before, the cabochon cut of the stone is calibrated to follow the line of the setting flawlessly. Perfecto! Some would do a lot of damage to have an onyx ring like this.

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