Create Your Own Locket (With Cool Laser Photo Engraving!)

The heart locket was popular up until about the 80s, but it’s seen a bit of a revival lately as a result of some exciting new technology that removes the need to find and cut out a teeny tiny picture of your partner/child/best friend/cat collection and paste it into the locket using super-glue.

An innovative new company, Pictures On Gold, have developed and licensed a new technology that uses lasers to engrave an image in full color, directly onto gold, silver, or white gold. The images last almost forever (I believe black and white lasts longer than color though), and there is no risk of you losing that one precious photo.  Unless you lose the locket, of course.  But then nobody can help you.

I thought these were going to be really pricey – and some of them do come in at over $1,000 – but most of them are very affordable.  Color photo engraving is only $35 extra, and they even offer the option of sending your item back at a later date to have the image engraved onto it.

They’re actually running a promotion off all lockets at the moment: 5% off when you click this link!

It’s pretty simple: first you select a pendant locket from any of their hundreds of designs.  They go from between $75 to over $1,000, so this means you can get someone a really special anniversary gift, or you can get a pretty laser engraved heart locket for just over $100.

You then just upload a photo.  They’ll use Photoshop to remove any imperfections and make the image suitable for engraving, and then ship you your locket.

The color engraving looks amazing, and they say it lasts forever and is entirely scratch and water resistant.  It looks a lot like this:

I don't know what's up with the babies and old people

There are loads of different heart locket and pendant locket designs to choose from, like these:

1 % of the net proceeds of the HRC pendant are donated diretly to their fight for equality for every member of the LGBT community.,     
1% of the net proceeds from sales of the ERASE HATE pendant are donated to the Matthew Shepard Foundation.,
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But if you don’t like any of those, you can actually design your own locket, using their clever wizard tool thing! You just choose a shape, a material, and any selection of designs, arrangements of diamonds or precious stones, and of course your pictures.  This thing is amazing!

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