Hot Guys & Hot Remixes: What More Could You Ask For?

So, I just finished listening to the new EP from that The Swedish gay pop duo, Man Meadow. The release is called How does it feel (M Frisell, P Hägerås, J Stadell). I really like everything about this ep and some of the remixes are going straight into my exercise music playlist. They really get you moving.

To hear what I am talking about for yourself, you can watch the video below. This was the duo’s entry to the Swiss national selection for ESC and it is now accompanied by three remixes by Soundfactory.

The music video, produced by Jkfphoto, was recorded on two hot and sunny days in September in Meatpacking District, Soho and on Top of the Rock in NYC.

Feel free to play & share

Here is a Man Meadow fast facts paragraph:

Man Meadow had their break through in the Polish pre-selection to Eurovision Song Contest in 2008 when they came in 3rd place with the songViva la musica. The song was written by the renowned ESC composer Thomas G:son (Winner 2012 Loreen “Euphoria”) and the following year he gave Man Meadow their second ESC hit Love is gonna get you, which also competed in Poland. The single Eaten alive was released in 2011 followed by Overflow 2012. Both singles became two of the most played songs on the Swedish dance floors and picked up on radio stations across the world

You can also find all their music on Itunes & Spotify

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