Jewelry Store That Accepts Paypal

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Love and Pride Jewelry – BEST Sellers

18k White Gold and Pink Sapphire Peace NecklaceIt’s hard to find a jewelry store that accepts Paypal, even today, so when you do come across one it’s worth mentioning. It just so happens I have a great one for you, Love and Pride.

They donate to Gay Friendly charities and fight for human rights and equality but that does not stop millions of straight people from shopping there too.

If you are a jewelry lover, no matter your preference in boyfriend or girlfriend you are going to find a zillion wonderful things at this online fine jewelry store. And prices range from like $7 to a few thousand so no matter how much or how little you have to spend you can find something wonderful.

EvolutionMan - CLEANSE & SHAVELove and Pride has recently branched way out from just jewelry as well. They now sell grooming products, home decor, clothing and accessories, even some tasteful adult themed products. It’s a fun store to visit even if you are just window shopping and the fact that it’s a jewelry store that accepts Paypal is really just a bonus.

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  1. Thanks you for this posting. I feel more secured paying through pay pal when shopping online..Is there anymore online jewelry store that accept pay pal..Kind to share please..

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