Love and Pride FINALLY Offers Free Shipping Worldwide

Just like the title says finally we can buy from Love and Pride gay jewelry without having to pay more for shipping than the items we buy. This is actually this is really awesome because now so many more people can enjoy their awesome jewelry, accessories, home decor and clothing.

Here are some fine choices for you to consider:

spring 2013 fashion purse

I love this purse, it is perfect for spring 2013. I can see it going to the beach or on a date, it’s versatile and most importantly it is colorful and refreshing.



Rounded Black Titanium Ring with Rainbow Cutout

This is a black titanium ring that is unique and original not to mention exclusive to this store. The center has a strip that goes all the way around. This strip had been treated so it has a rainbow effect. Love it. Simplicity and elegance combined. It also comes in gray titanium here.



Stainless Steel LOVE Dog Tag Friendship Necklaces

I love this friendship necklace. I used to have necklaces like this, they were always fun to wear. If you just want them for yourself that is fine too but if you wanted to buy just one you can get them here and here. They are not the same as you can see, that is why they are sold as a complete pair and singularly. Here is another very cool dog tag that is a totally different style, it has different size peace symbols on it.



womens block color shirt

I am so in love with this blouse. I want it on me now! It looks so soft. Just thought you might like it too, they have a ton of clothes for every taste now so def check out their clothing lines at Love and Pride.


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  1. This is why I love Love and need to spend on shipping cost anymore..——————-

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