Personalized Initial Name Rings

We are all used to seeing personalized jewelry like necklaces and pendants but rings? Yeppers. They are the newest, hottest trend in name jewelry and I, your lovely slave in fashion am going to share some pretty hot initial commodities with ya.

My Name Necklace - Double Finger Name RingTake for example this fine two finger ring. We are seeing more and more rings made for two fingers in the last couple of years, it seems to be a fashion trend that is not going anywhere, if anything it is getting bigger and bigger. But hop on this new form bandwagon now and be one of the first to be sporting this particular look.

This ring is particular, depending on how long your name is, is not small, dainty piece of jewelry. Nope. It’s a real statement maker this one. It’s bold.

My Name Necklace - Sterling Silver Monogram RingI think our of all the monogrammed jewelry this is my favorite ones, especially out of the rings. It has an old fashioned soft of feel that I like, the type of thing I could literally see passing down to my kids or something. It looks like it costs way more than it’s piddy price tag too which is something that always give me a little boost. Call me a snob but whatevs, it’s true.

Like the others this monogram ring is crafted out of sterling silver too so you are getting a great value.


My Name Necklace - Engraved Promise RingThis is an engraved silver promise ring. A Nice, clean, simple band that you can have engraved with anything you like from your name or a loved one to a message of love and fidelity. The choice is totally up to you as long as the letters do not exceed 21 (spaces included). These sorts of rings have been exchanged for thousands of years, think of it like a pre-pre engagement ring or something like that.

They are cheap too, perfect for young love or a name ring for someone young in your life so is not yet ready for the responsibility of a gemstone ring. Basically it’s the perfect gift for anyone of any age. Literally. Except babies and toddlers, they will choke on them and die, but anyone older than that and you are golden. Or er silver. hehe

My Name Necklace - Personalized Silver Cut Out RingAnd last but certainly not least, the most unique of all the monogram personalized rings, the cut out ring. It is totally unisex and will suit any hand. It too is silver but like I said, nice and unique. If you are shopping for personalized name rings for yourself or someone else, this is a lovely choice.

All of these ring are, really. Canada- Mosaic

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