The license plate handbag a HOT new find

license plate handbag
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For all the gals out there I just found the coolest little license plate handbag. It is a brand new concept and it is the license plate purse. Weird right? But it’s awesome! They have regular sized ones as well as mini ones, and they are perfect for kids and adults, these are going to make fabulous gifts for Christmas.

license plate purseThis license plate handbag–i should say handbags because there are various styles and shapes– is brought to you by the superior minds of those at Littlearth.

They sell all kinds of cool and wholly unique items like bottle cap belts and things of that nature. They are all about making fashionable items out of recycled materials. So creative and so awesome!

And for those of you who love football they have a massive collection of football team themed items.

I just thought I would share this cool little find with ya! I know I am getting one of the smaller license plate handbags for myself, so neat!

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  1. This sure is a unique bag right here! Weird yet cool! I totally agree that this would be something totally nice for a gift. Like this post, I will share this to others.

  2. Wow, they look awesome – plus they are recycled… Even better!

  3. Nice blog!! Interesting information which you provided on this blog regarding the new variety of handbags for the ladies. Its very useful for many people who want to purchase the new fashionable handbags.

  4. looks great as usual. I wish we’ll be having bigger plates soon so that it’ll result to bigger purses!

  5. Wow, they look pretty cool – wonder if they would work with UK plates……..

  6. it is a cute idea but very few people could pull off that license plate.

  7. lolz…so artistic! the bag is so weird yet so cool.

  8. Thanks for posting your nice discovery. I like to have too. Not only it makes you fashionable, it’s economical and since it’s from recycled items, I should say it’s eco-friendly! Nice item!

  9. Thank you for such an useful information shared.

  10. It is a ‘unique’ style of bag! I know women would love this one!

    Definitely , because they love to stand out and if you have a “Licensed Plate Bag” who wouldn’t stand out? You will be notice for sure!!!

    By the way, Thanks for sharing your discovery! :)

  11. Woow! This is really cute. Something unique! I really like it when peopl make unique bags and this is one of them :)

  12. I am very glad that my husband gifted me a license plate handbag on Christmas. I am taking this handbag for my shopping and getting the attention from all. Yes I am the fashionable icon wherever I go. My handbag is made up of superior recycled materials that are so creative from Littlearth. The actual license plate, recycled bottle cap gives me a personalized aspect of owning this eco-friendly handy bag. I would suggest the same for the fashion lovers and home makers to become a fashion queen in your area.

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